Our Story

Magpie Café - Collector of Friends & Family

Magpie Café & Coffee House is a family-owned coffee house. I am Kathleen Ritner, and I operate it. In August 2008, I moved to Decorah from a suburb east of Los Angeles.

When living in California, I  had worked at a coffee shop with some of my best friends, where I made new friends and fond memories every day.

Magpie Café & Coffee House
Magpie Café & Coffee House

Moving to a New Place

We moved to Decorah without knowing anyone. In January 2010, we took the chance and bought the Magpie Coffeehouse because it reminded me of some of my best memories from California.

Wonderful Place

My favorite part about owning the Magpie is the beautiful people I get to meet. There is nothing like making a new friend over a cup of warm coffee and a fresh-baked muffin.

One of my favorite friends and customers, Sandy Schaeffer, always says, "Magpie is my home away from home."

Magpie Café & Coffee House
Magpie Café & Coffee House

Home Away From Home

That's the feeling we hope all our customers have when they visit Magpie Coffeehouse. A magpie is a collector of things. I think of our Magpie as a collector of friends.

Magpie has helped us find a home and a family here in Decorah.